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Book Review: The Good Daughter

The Good Daughter: by Karin Slaughter


My book review for June is The Good Daughter – a Novel by Karin Slaughter was amazing but I actually didn’t finish it until the beginning of July so here is my review a little late but here nonetheless. 

It is one of those books that I just couldn’t put down from the first chapter. It is a compelling, gripping story of two sisters who endure a night of terror that changes their lives forever. That night separates them for twenty-eight years, Charlie or Charlotte stays in the little town where they were born and grew up but Samantha moves to New York City after finishing university, vowing never to return.

When Charlie finds herself in a bit of a legal pickle and their father in the ICU, Samantha is forced to return home and face the horror of that night.  As the legal case unfolds memories of that horrid night resurface and Samantha and Charlie have to relive it and finally have answers to fill in the holes. Samantha and Charlie start to rebuild their relationship with each other and Samantha with her father. 

Karin Slaughter is an amazing author with the way she explains her characters, her description of the town and the people in it, she draws you into the story and leaves you breathless. A must read for book lovers of thrillers.

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