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I Need My Own Luggage

I Love Herschel 

All of my life I have wanted my own luggage; for as long as I can remember every time we moved all my belongings went into boxes and garbage bags. When we moved to New Zealand all of my clothes and treasures went into my parent’s luggage, I don’t even remember having my own carry-on. When I married my husband, who had luggage, all of my clothes are packed in his suitcases when we travel.

I discovered Herschel about five years ago when I was looking for a tote bag. I was exploring Main Street in Vancouver when I came upon a boutique, I walked in and immediately saw this orange tote bag, it appeared to be big enough and the price was right so I bought it. Although I had never heard the name Herschel before, the price was right so when Katarina and I were shopping for a backpack for school we looked for Herschel. We found her backpack in a skater store in the mall, it is navy blue with brown trim and she still has it because Herschel bags are quality bags and they last!! My husband gave me a hard time about the price but we promised that it would be used for at least two years because as you know, new school year, new backpack.

A year later, I was looking for a bag to carry my laptop, my Kindle and other necessities, when walking through a mall I wandered into a little shoe store and there it was, the perfect bag! It was the perfect colour as I don’t wear black, it has a padded compartment for my laptop, a large zippered pocket in the front for cords and chargers, two small pockets inside for cards, a medium zippered pocket inside for whatever, a spacious interior for everything else, two handles to carry like a briefcase, a strong comfortably padded shoulder strap to care like a messenger bag and two hidden straps in the back to carry as a backpack. I love it so much, it is perfect for my needs and looks casually professional.

Fast forward a few years, Pedro (my husband) is working for a great company that supports their clients in the cloud and one of their clients is…none other than Herschel! I needed a bag to carry more than my laptop bag could handle: I have diabetes so I have to carry my glucose meter with me wherever I go; I am asthmatic so I need to have my inhaler with me; my Kindle and my shoes for the gym. I of course turned to Herschel’s website and I found a duffel bag, a pretty blue duffel bag with lots of space for whatever I need and a secret shoe compartment for when I go to the gym. It is the Novel Duffel, Mid-Volume, it’s available in 22 colours and the retail price is $89.99.

While I was perusing their site I discovered that they make luggage and I have already chosen my set that matches both my messenger bag and my new duffel bag. I am so excited that I have started my collection, starting with my duffel bag, the set has a carry-on but I think that I will skip that one because I have my duffel bag for my carry-on. The name of the collection is Trade Luggage: the large size is available in 7 colours and the retail price is $299.99; the medium size is available in 8 colours and the retail price is $189.99; the small size is available in 8 colours and the retail price is $174.99; and the carry-on is available in 6 colours and the retail price is $164.99.

To see all that Herschel has to offer please visit their website at Herschel and enjoy all they have to offer or you can visit their flagship store at 347 Water Street Vancouver, BC. I hope that you enjoyed my post and will continue to follow me.

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