My Love of Makeup: When it Started & Who Inspired it

My Love of Makeup

Most women love makeup, Sephora is their candy shop, eyeshadow palettes, lipstick, lipgloss, mascara, the perfect foundation and setting powder; I could go on and on because I love it too but who inspires us to create new looks, find that perfect shade of lipstick? For me, my love of makeup started when I was about four years old and who inspired me was my Mom.

She was getting ready for a night out with my Dad and I was enthralled by all the poweders, palettes, colours and shades, lipsticks and hoping she didn’t poke her eye out with her mascara. I would watch her everytime she did her face, asking what went where and why she chose to pair that lipstick colour with a different blush colour, how she knew which colours went together. I knew that one day I would wear makeup and that I wanted the best.

When my friends started wearing makeup, I wanted to start wearing makeup too. Unfortunately, my Mom had left so I had no one to give me advice on colours, brands, skin care and how to apply it. So, I was on my own and it did not go well; wrong foundation shade and it was Cover Girl, wrong shades of eyeshadow, blush and especially lipstick it was a shimmery shade of pink called Moonsilk. I still didn’t know anything about skin care which was bad because I had acne from my forehead to my chin and from ear to ear essentially all over my face. I tried every skin care line in the drugstore but nothing worked and of course I continued to wear makeup which only made it worse.

I went to live with my grandparents, on my Mom’s side, the summer of 1986; my Grammy noticed that I was tired all of the time, I was cold, I kept fainting in the morning and I just wasn’t acting like a typical teenager. She was so concerned by the end of the summer that she made an appointment with the doctor who had delivered me, he was our family doctor until we moved to New Zealand; Dr. L. ran a bunch of tests, did an internal exam and weighed me. The results; I weighed 84lbs on my 5’4″ frame, I had anemia, I have thyroid disease and if Grammy had waited another two weeks ,my body would have shut down and I would have died. He also took a look at my skin and said that I had an acne infection; he put me on antibiotics, I could only wash my face with warm water, no makeup and he prescribed me a spot treatment. Within six months the acne was gone, he told me what products would work for my skin, which makeup products would be good for me and to always wash my makeup off.

I was now on a mission to learn everything I could about makeup, which meant plenty of trial and error and I read books (we didn’t have the internet then) and I figured it out. Even now, I still research products, after I found Sephora I had even more information at my fingertips and I have healthy skin again. In my next post I will share my favourite brands, foundations, concealers and all makeup things. Thank you being here and we’ll talk soon.


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