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Switch On Your Brain: Day 1

Hey everybody, I’ve started reading “Switch on Your Brain” and I know I said that I would start my 21-Day Brain Dextox Plan yesterday but…I am starting today. So here we go…There are five steps to the detox: Step 1 – Gather; Step 2 – Focused Reflection; Step 3 – Write; Step 4 – Revisit; Step 5 – Active Reach and I will explain each of the steps as I go through them.

The gather step is all about being aware of what is going on around me, through the five senses and being able to shut out the noise and bringing “rogue” thoughts into control. What I am experiencing through my five senses while reading is: the sound of the fan, the smell of my coffee, the taste of my oreo cookie, Bryan Adam’s song “Cut Likes a Knife” running through my head, our bunny Chester and all of his noises and how I am going to write about this on my blog. Thoughts thatĀ are bubbling up into my consciousĀ mind right now: my stepdad, Art, drinking his morning coffee and having a cigarette; having my first cigarette when I was ten that my friend and I had stolen from her Dad. I am supposed to be going through the five steps everyday but it is proving to be a challenge, however, I will keep at it and get it done. I have worked on the first two steps so far everyday since I started and will persevere tomorrow to finish the five steps.

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