Our Vacation to Victoria: Day One

BC Ferries to Victoria

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Hello everybody, welcome to our family Victoria vacation!!! It has been eight years since we have been able to take a vacation and it was wonderful. Pedro arranged for us to stay at this beautiful hotel across the harbor; which you will see in future posts, from the Empress Hotel and the B.C. Legislature.  

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We caught the ferry to Victoria and had breakfast at the buffet. In the buffet, we were able to stay for the whole trip, the food was amazing and had a great variety, Pedro was able to work, Jonathan and Katarina played on their various electronic devices and I went for a walk. It was nice to know that I could come back to the buffet and that we didn’t have to protect our seats from anyone. 

We really just needed an opportunity to relax, all of us together, so even the drive to Victoria from the ferry was easy. When we reached downtown Victoria, we found what we thought was our hotel but there are two Marriott hotels in Victoria; Victoria Marriott Inner Harbour and Delta Hotels by Marriott Ocean Pointe Resort. The latter was our hotel and as we were driving to the hotel, we could see it and it was amazing.  

 We checked in and went up to our room which was beautiful and the view of the harbour was incredible! We had two queen size beds, a tv that could play off of our electronic devices, a rain shower head, and the bathroom had shelves; we had a sitting room with two comfy chairs that looked out of this floor to ceiling window; there was a mini fridge and well I could keep on going..by the time we were settled in it was lunch time, so we set out to discover Victoria and found this little waffle place; when I say little it was in a corner with a high counter inside and tables outside; you order your food and they bring it to you.  The name of the shop is wannawafel,, go check it out!!!

We headed back to our hotel after lunch and some more exploring, decided we were too tired for dinner so stayed in for the night. I, however, decided to explore the hotel because I wanted to check out the pool and fitness room. I was not disappointed; the pool was almost six feet at its deepest and the gym, well the gym; multiple treadmills which made me happy, multiple bikes and ellipticals, a yoga room, a squash court and a ping pong table.

I went exploring just around the hotel and found a gas station, so snacks and drinks. There was also a private Starbucks in the hotel lobby, open until eight pm, they served basic drinks but also frappuccinos. I also discovered in the lobby, two large “jugs” of water with different fruits and veggies infused in the water, one was lemonade and the other was plain water; they had strawberries, cucumbers, lemons, limes, oranges and pineapple. Katarina and I almost emptied them everyday, especially the lemonade. 

Day One comes to a close…








Week Three: My Starting Point


Hey there people, here is my weekly update on my progress to living a healthy and fit life. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do anything because I have been sick for three weeks; it started out as the flu, then I had a massive asthma attack and finally concluded with a chest infection. I finished my antibiotics last night and I’m finally able to sleep through the night; I am feeling stronger and able to do some light cardio…YAY; I still cough during the day but only if I talk too long or laugh a lot; now all I need is for my voice to come back and heal which I hope it will and doesn’t have permanent damage.

I have been thinking about my attitudes about fitness especially and I remember criticizing, with my best friend, the skinny women working out like crazy at the gym and we were laughing at them; why do they have to work out so hard, they’re already thin; they would be drinking their smoothies and water and we would laugh about it. 

Here’s the thing though; during my battle to become fit and healthy I was reminded of those days and realized that the reason those men and women were at the gym working their tails off was because…big revelation…fitness and health is not a one shot battle: where once you’ve lost the weight; are eating healthy and are looking fit; you can then sit back and look at how great you look and say, “my work here is done.” NO, fitness and health is an everyday, lifelong commitment, it’s a lifestyle change, not a quick fix!!! I would like to apologize to those people, although they have no idea who I am, what I was saying and where my heart was; I was wrong, I am striving to become like them and this is a life-long battle that I will keep fighting until I can’t fight anymore. I want to be like them, I want to be a health and fitness nut. 

You are Here: My Starting Point

I’m standing at the corner of COURAGE & SASS… I love going to the mall but no matter how many times I go there I sometimes can’t find the store I am looking for. So I search for the nearest map, find the store that I need and from the You Are Here sticker, figure …