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These are a Few of My New Favourite Things

Hey people, I want to share with you some of my new favourite beauty products…I think I’ll start with hair and the product that I want to share is mousse. It all started when I needed to find a salon closer to home. I had been driving into downtown Vancouver for years because I have very thick and coarse hair and I am very particular about my hair. I found this great little salon in White Rock, about a half hour from my house and I love it. My stylist is fantastic, parking is free and everyone is wonderful. After the second time I had my hair done, I asked the receptionist what my stylist put in my hair. I was a little concerned when she said mousse because I hadn’t had great experiences with mousse but the receptionist said that this mousse was fantastic, so I bought it. It is fantastic; it is light, doesn’t get sticky when my hair gets wet, and it leaves my hair so soft and manageable!!!! It is made by a company called R+Co and it is called Chiffon, it has this beautiful scent and gives my hair a beautiful shine. Pick some up if you can.

I have fallen in love with these two products for the face; I received them as a trial size set, there were five products in the set, I gave Katarina three and I kept the other two. These products are from First Aid Beauty or FAB and one of the many things I love about FAB is that it is affordable, relatively speaking of course. FAB can be purchased in store at Ulta beauty and Sephora or online at http://www.ulta.comhttp://www.sephora.com, and The first product is a face cleanser and is described as “a fragrance-free, gentle cleanser that effectively removes makeup, dirt, and grime, leaving skin soft and supple. The whipped texture transforms into a sumptuous cream when blended with water.” It is good for these skin types: normal, oily, dry sensitive, and combination. I love this cleanser, it leaves my skin soft and feeling clean but not tight and irritated and it doesn’t make my face go all red. It is amazing and I can use it with moisturizers that aren’t FAB!!! 

And speaking of moisturizers…the other product that I took from the trial set is FAB’s Hello FAB Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer which is a mouthful but it is fabulous. It is described as “Makeup meets skincare with this two-in-one moisturizer and makeup-gripping primer. Formulated with superfood ingredients that are rich in vital proteins, electrolytes, and minerals and infused with a natural coconut scent, this priming moisturizer hydrates and smooths skin as light-reflecting micro-pearls impart a dewy luminosity. The result is beautiful, healthy-looking skin when worn alone and long-lasting makeup when used as a prep step.” I wore it one day alone and my skin was beautiful, dewy, smooth and natural glow. I will be buying the full size bottle and it may just be my favourite moisturizer of all time!!! I haven’t used it without adding primer before my foundation yet but I will do that tomorrow and take a picture to show you how it looks and works. 

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