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We Have Our Own Kayaks

We Own Kayaks


Two summers ago my children started kayaking, they had both had experiences kayaking at school camp and fell in love with it, then last summer I joined them and fell in love with the sport also; downside, we have to rent because we have nowhere to store them. A few weeks ago it was Amazon Prime Day and knowing how much we wanted our own kayaks, my husband found inflatable kayaks cheap cheap and bought two for us. They are both singles so we’ll still have to rent one but we have our own kayaks, we own kayaks!!!!! 

I have always loved being outside, since I was a little girl I spent as much of my time outside as I possibly could until I got married. After getting married and having my children I let myself go but it wasn’t because I met my husband and married him, it was because I just let myself go. I lost myself in being a wife, being a mother of two children; one of which has special needs, I tried to find ways to contribute financially to my family and only lost money, I was trying to find myself and found that I was trying to be someone who was not me. I looked in the mirror one day and asked God to show me how He sees me and slowly I’ve been seeing more and more of the woman that God wants me to be, not who I thought I should be. Revelation time, it amazes me how God uses the everyday to reveal Himself  to me, like just now. I have been sick and tired for a long time and the doctors could not figure out what was wrong with me so out of total desperation I went to see a Naturopath and for more information on this blog post please follow this link: New Lifestyle.

I am feeling so much better already that I could kayak, hike, swim, play tennis, etc. every day and so tomorrow we, Jonathan, Katarina and I, will go kayaking and I will take many pictures of myself kayaking in my new kayak. I am so excited with the knowledge that I can go kayaking whenever I feel like and I won’t have to buy a roof rack or worry about wear I am going to store them because they’re inflatable…YAY!!! 

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